Our A.LONDON designers draw inspiration for their designs from all corners of the creative industry, most notably the fashion world. They were lucky enough to visit Burberry's major photographic exhibition entitled 'Here We Are' which coincided with the release of their September 2017 collection.

Here at A.LONDON, we admire how Burberry are known for being classic and traditionally British. The iconic brand has long been synonymous with Great Britain, and no fashion designer could be more fitting to illustrate British culture than them. The exhibition accentuated the relation between fashion and visual culture as well as acknowledging the brand's values.


Showcased in Old Sessions House, the exhibition was curated by the brand’s chief Creative and CEO, Christopher Bailey, along with Lucy Kamara Moore, and Alasdair McLellan. Each selected photograph reveals the ways in which we live, dream, celebrate, challenge and work whether individually or collectively. As a whole, the exhibition reminded our designers about how the brand remains relatable to us all in one way or another through the varied selection of photographs displayed.

The extensive photograph collection spanned across 3 floors and 14 unique rooms within the elegantly and beautifully raw 18th-century Grade II listed building, the perfect setting to display nostalgic images of British life, accumulated from over 30 social and documentary photographers from the 20th century.

Although Burberry has a distinctive print, it was the raw opulence of the building, photography and fashion pieces which caught the A.LONDON designers' attention.