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| August 2019
This week A.LONDON visited the Tate Modern to see the retrospective ‘In Real Life’, an exhibition by Olafur Eliasson, bringing together over 40 works of art made between 1990 and today. Eliasson has created a broad body of work that includes immersive installations, sculptures, photography and paintings. When walking around it is evident that Eliasson puts experience and perception at the forefront of his art, hoping that as you encounter it, you become more aware of your senses.

A popular piece was ‘Your Blind Passenger’, a 39-metre long room filled with fog and coloured lights, completely claiming all vision as you walk through. Another favourite was ‘Beauty’, an installation consisting of a cascade of water flowing down to create a curtain of mist, reflecting light to produce an illuminating rainbow. Like ‘Beauty’, much of Eliassion’s work both glorifies and dissects environmental wonders in a poetic manner.

Our interior designers love to immerse themselves into current exhibitions in a bid to find new inspiration through all aspects of creativity and design. The team take pride in carefully choosing artwork for our tailor-made schemes, which you can see in our portfolio of show homes here.

The 19th Serpentine Pavilion will be available to visit and experience until the 6th of October in Kensington Gardens.